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We have the size of sticky 9 photo magnets 馃Р馃槏

Do you like magnets? Because we do. They are everywhere in our office and also at home on our fridges. And you can have them too! We present to you all the types of magnets that you can order from us. Also we are adding a new type! You can now find the same size as sticky9 on our website! Now you can keep your favorite memories everywhere, not just in your head.

猸愶笍 New magnets | 猬 2脳2鈥

Do you have a big family and a lot of memories? But your fridge is not big enough for all your pictures? Try to choose our latest format, square magnets in the size of 2脳2鈥. They are as pretty as the big ones but you can order twice the quantity!

Square | 猬 2戮脳2戮鈥

The classic format of a square will satisfy every passionate user of instagram (from the days when rectangular photos could not be inserted into the application), classic polaroid photos (before instaxes became popular) or medium format (film鈥檚 not dead!). The best choice for those who always prefer to create square photos from a rectangle.

Round magnets | 脴 2戮鈥

Is accuracy driving you crazy? Choose the round variant. You can put it on the fridge completely carelessly and it will still look elegant and in place! Of course you can place it on magnetic boards or any other place that you prefer.

Puzzle | 9 magnets 2脳2鈥

Want to make a bigger magnet but don鈥檛 know how? Choose a group of nine magnets, which form one large image. Whether you want to create a portrait or landscape magnet, you'll always be sure that your image will be nice and uncropped. You will see the puzzle directly in our editor and its layout will be entirely up to you.

Why magnets?

猸愶笍They are magnetically attractive.

馃憖 You still have them in sight.

馃憣馃徏 They are flexible and do not break.

馃槏 They are beautifully shiny, you can't resist!

What are you waiting for? Choose a format and get your photos on magnets!

I want original magnets


  • You can choose from square, round or puzzle magnets.
  • Our magnets are printed on high quality Fujicolor paper, which means that our magnets look like a photo.
  • We use a special flexible magnetic foil.
  • You can choose if you want a border and of which color.
  • You can arrange, crop and resize according to your wishes and needs in our editor.
  • We ship to United States and Canada for $10.

Photo Magnets for Fridge

Print photo fridge magnets from your Instagram, Facebook, mobile or computer. Pick your favorite photos, choose from various shapes and sizes and create your own custom photo magnets. Display your magnetic photos on your fridge or give them as a gift!

Starting at 1,99聽$ per piece
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